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At NISUS foundation, the simple act of giving goes a long way. We believe in philanthropy that extends the reach of traditional charity.

Here, donors have every opportunity to make their mark on the bigger picture.

Transforming giving into positive impact is at the heart of what we do. We champion philanthropy based on community needs, because we believe in the power of informed giving.

As we continue to seek ways to make a difference with our donors and communities, one thing remains constant: our commitment to the process – from giving to impact.


Special children feted on Children’s day

We fulfilled their dream. We were able to felicitate the talent of students from Navi Mumbai’s ETC school with the assistance of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. They were few in number, with only 150 people taking part in front of an audience of over 3500 people. They participated in a fancy dress competition and demonstrated that they are no less than any other student. They are not special; they are human, and conferring them was our source of pride. 
NISUS hosted a children’s day event on November 14, 2022, giving them a platform to showcase their talent. A number of special students participated in drawing, painting, fancy dress, and craft making. These students have unique talent, the only thing they need is a platform which can encourage them, boost their confidence and give them an equal platform to rise. NISUS shares a proud moment where it gave them a chance to stand and perform with NMMC and several private school. We have and we will keep encouraging them to participate in more and more such events in future.These students have exceptional talent; all they need is a platform that will encourage them, boost their confidence, and provide them with an equal opportunity to succeed. 

NISUS recalls a proud moment when they were given the opportunity to stand and perform alongside NMMC and several private schools. We have, and we will continue to encourage them to participate in more and more similar events in the future. 


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